Parent - Teacher Association

 At ZIS we understand the importance that our parents place in their child’s education. Working closely with our parents is one of our top priorities and the Parent-Teacher Association is a major part of our school.There are many ways that we communicate with parents.

  1. Through announcements on the school website
  2. Direct access to our School Registrar throughout the school day
  3. Monthly PTA meetings with the parent representatives of each grade
  4. Individual meetings with the child’s advisor twice a year
  5. Special parent meetings both as individuals and as a groups when required
  6. PowerSchool
  7. School events such as Sports Day

Extra information on these methods is outlined below…


 The school website has a section for announcements. Important information is regularly uploaded into this area and we recommend that parents check it daily. 

Contacting the School Registrar

 Ms. Park the School Registrar has a direct phone line and is able to be contacted throughout the school day. Where possible he will answer queries within the day of calling. She works closely with the school Principal to ensure that parents' concerns are addressed as swiftly as possible. 

Monthly PTA meetings with the parent representatives

There are three main goals of the Parent Teacher Association meetings…

  1. To communicate information to the parents
  2. To work with parents when constructing future plans for the school
  3. To ask for parental advice and suggestions for how we can best help their children

The Group

There are three PTA groups; Primary, Middle, and High. In each group there is the Parent Representative for each grade, Mr. Holden(Principal), Ms. Park (administrator), and either Mrs. Holden (High School), Mr. Sumeg-Ang (Middle School), or Mrs. Tobias (Primary School).

The Meeting

Meetings take place once a month. Ms. Park provides the parents with an agenda for the meeting and arranges a date at least a week in advance. The meeting is held in the MPR and refreshments are provided. The meetings last for approximately 90 minutes.Topics for DiscussionThere are many topics covered including…

  • Assessment
  • Teaching
  • School Events
  • Homework
  • Uniform
  • The Cafeteria
  • University
  • Exams

 The topics are chosen based on the most pressing needs of the school and the parents concerns. At the end of the meeting Ms. Park collects any further questions that the parents have and these are answered over the following couple of days.For some points parents are asked to discuss the issues further with the parents within their Grade. The collective answer is then communicated back to Ms. Park. 

Individual Meeting with Advisors

 Twice a year parents meet with their child’s advisor to discuss progress made during the semester.  Advisors prepare detailed information about the students within their Grade which is collected from all members of the teaching staff. This is also an opportunity for parents to ask questions about their child’s education. The meetings normally begin with a general introduction from the advisor followed by individual meetings. 

Special Parent Meetings

 Occasionally individual grades or parents wish to talk about pertinent issues with the school management and advisor. These are often for parents of older students who have concerns regarding exams and university. We realise that there are times during a child’s education where big decisions need to be made and we endeavour to provide the best possible advice during these times. The school management is always happy to talk to parents who have pressing concerns. 


WZIS uses an online mark book called PowerSchool. PowerSchool is a website which allows grades to be shared with students, parents and other teachers in order for us to be able to constantly track our students’ progress. PowerSchool records various pieces of information including homework and assignment grades, average marks and overall grade. Parent and teacher accounts are also linked directly to email, facilitating communication between school and home.

Students and parents can receive their login information from Mr. Peter Gao who oversees the website. Login information is issued at the start of each semester and can be provided throughout the semester if necessary. Parents and students are only able to access the information for their child. Everything else remains confidential.

Although we have found PowerSchool a very useful tool, it does have its complications. The internet access can be very temperamental and occasionally access to the website is blocked for a couple of days. Our teachers are also very busy and we ask that parents are patient with us when marks do not appear immediately.

Parent/Student User

 A guide can be downloaded here:

The web address for our PowerSchool is: 

Special Events

 Throughout the year we have many events that we encourage parents to attend. These include Sports Day, Zhongshi Festival, the Opening and Graduation Ceremonies and the Orchestra Performance. We look forward to meeting parents at these events and providing them with a feel for the rounded education that we provide at our school.

Parent Student Handbook

 To view our please click on the following link:

Parent Student Handbook 2016 



 We believe that quality education is the foundation to train children to have good character, make appropriate choices and persevere through life’s struggles. WZIS is dedicated to creating an environment that motivates and encourages each child to reach for his or her potential

We also believe that discipline is a key player in that adventure. Training a child requires consistency in love and discipline from those called to lead the child.We at WZIS believe discipline is what is done FOR a child not what is done TO him. In keeping with that belief, we choose to discipline in a positive manner offering rewards and privileges to students who accept their responsibilities and respond in an appropriate manner to the guidance of WZIS Standards of Conduct.We are also very much aware that at times, children will naturally rebel against authority. Therefore, we have integrated a Standards of Conduct Policy within the daily routine of WZIS to handle such situations. The Standard of Conduct will be discussed at student orientation on the first day of each semester.

우리는 좋은 교육은 인성교육과 미래를 위핚 적당핚 선택 그리고 삶의 고난들을 인내핛 수 있게 하는 것이라 믿고 있습니다. 학교는 학생 각자가 잠재적 가능성을 발휘 할수 있게 용기를 주고 동기를 부여할 수 있는 환경을 만들기를 원합니다. 우리는 또한 학생 행동 규율이 이런 것 들을 위핚 중요핚 역핛을 하는 것으로 믿고 있습니다. 학생을 훈련시키는 데에는 지속적인 사랑과 교육이 학생들을 이끄는 선생님들에게 필요할 것입니다. 학교는 학생 개인들의 행동을 지적하고 벌을 주는 것이 아니라 학생을 위한 훈육을 해야 한다고 믿고 있습니다. 이런 믿음을 가지며 학교의 행동규칙을 책임 있게 잘 지키는 학생들에게는 여러 가지 상과 학생의 편의를 제공합니다. 우리는가끔씩, 학생들이 손쉽게 학교의 권위에 순종하지 않게 됨을 앋고 있습니다. 때문에 우리는 조직화된 학생 표준 생활 규칙을 만들어 학생이 학교의 권위에 대항하는 일들을 처리 합니다. 학생표준행동은 매 학기 첫날 시작하는 오리엔테이션 시갂에 논의 됩니다. 이 책자의 마지막 페이지를 참고 하십시오.

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