We believe school is about more than just studying. We want our students to develop into well-rounded individuals, who are aware of their own talents and abilities and use them to serve the people around them. We also want school to be an enjoyable experience with many opportunities for fun and learning in different contexts. Many of our extra-curricular programs provide students with opportunities to develop leadership, organizational and team work skills

Service opportunities

Community Service

As a school, it is our mission to send our students out into the world as servant leaders. It is vital that we show students what service to the community looks like and to give them opportunities to support those around them.
There are two many ways that the students can serve those around them. The first is in school and the second is out in the local Korean and Chinese communities.

1. Service in School

There are various ways that students can serve in school. These include…

(a) The Student Council 

(b) Mentoring - Mentoring is a special service where upper school students help primary students with their academic work in subjects such as Mathematics, English, and Science. The service is offered at lunch time, from 12:30 to 12:50, in the library.

(c) Student Librarians - Students can volunteer to assist in keeping the school library tidy and organised. They work during lunchtime.

( d) Orchestra/ BandStudents with musical talent serve the school community by performing during assemblies and school events.

2. Service Outside of School 

Opportunities are also available for students to serve outside of school time…

(a) Nursing Home

Approximately once a month, the school organizes a trip to a local nursing home on a Saturday morning.  The program usually consists of a musical performance followed by the giving of gifts.

(b) Ushering - High School students also get involved with local Korean Community events and are regularly called upon to help usher.
Our school is always looking for more ways for students to serve their community.



The student council is comprised of a group of students from grades 5-12 representing their advisory class. They have a variety of roles from selling bread to managing school events and suggesting new school policies. The student council is led by the Student President and the Student Vice-President.They are supported by the secretary and treasurer. 


ZBS stands for Zhongshi Broadcasting System. Anyone who is interested in manipulating electronics, writing scripts or planning a program is welcomed.  ZBS broadcasts a radio show  every Monday, Wednesday and Friday lunchtime from the purpose-built broadcasting room. This is a student -run activityand is open to any students in Grades 6-12.


Z.I.P is a student-run club. The team of upper school students meet once a week to plan and edit the school magazine, which is published twice per semester. The students interview students and staff, take photos of school events and commission articles. The finished product is always of a very high standard and reflects the students’ dedication and hard work


The WZIS orchestra is the key part of holistic education which is one of the five core values of our school. Students can develop their musical talents and learn how to make harmony with others. Also, students are given many opportunities throughout the school year where they can use their music to serve others and the community that they are in.
The orchestra has 2 main concerts during the course of one school year – one for each semester. The orchestra also performs on many occasions such as monthly assemblies, nursing home visits, graduation and other school events. The selection of songs played by our orchestra varies all the way from classical music to famous movie soundtracks.


The Athletic Program at WZIS offers the opportunity for students to not only demonstrate their abilities, but also grow as individuals. To accomplish this, we place a strong emphasis on sportsmanship because we believe that athletic development must coincide with personal development. Our school teams, which include boys and girls teams in middle and high school, regularly and successfully compete in YEASA, QISN and ISC sporting events across China in Table Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball and Soccer. Although we do enjoy much success on the field, what excites our coaches most is the impact they have in our athlete’s lives off the field.


Every November we hold our annual upper school science fair. Students conduct research, design experiments and draw conclusions before presenting their findings in the form of a booth and a scientific paper. Their are many prizes available from “Best in Show” to “Best Chinese Speaking Booth”. The top teams overall are selected to represent to school at the INTEL Science fair, which is held in Chengdu in March. Several of our teams have been very successful in Chengdu, competing against teams from international schools around China. In 2014 one of our teams was selected to represent China at the INTEL Science Fair in Los Angeles, USA.