Student Council

The student council is comprised of a group of students from grades 6-12. They have a variety of roles from selling bread to managing school events. The student council is led by the Student President and the Student Vice-President. This years President is Daniel Hwang (G11).

The new President elections will take place in June. More details for students wishing to campaign will be made available soon.

A message from the student president

As the student president, it is my role to support the community by representing the views of my fellow students. It may seem that being the student president and leading more than 200 students is quite burdensome. However, I’ve been benefiting from being the student president and running the student council. For example I have been able to gain from experiences such as delivering a speech in front of many students and teachers and by making plans to improve the conditions of our school for students.

One of our future plans is to introduce a new type of broadcasting system which uses an internet web camera video system. I believe that this will provide students who are interested in school broadcasting system with many fruitful experiences and make the school more vibrant. I highly urge ZKIS students to get involved in the various school activities held by the student council, and to actively make suggestions to the council.

Thank You,
Daniel, Grade 11