Support Staff

Ms. Sung eun Park Mr. Peter Gao Mrs. Racquel A Sumeg-ang Mrs. Sarah Kang Mrs. Suzie Hadden Mrs. Jung Hee Park
Administrative Assistant Administrative Assistant Recruitment Officer/Cover Supervisor School Counselor Librarian Dormitory Manager
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Office: Peter Gao
Mr. Gao is one of the staff members at the International school. He studied English in the Zhongshi Foreign language institute four years ago. After graduating from the school, the principal suggested that he work in the International School. He has been working here for around 3 years. He loves working with foreign teachers because they are kind and they try their best to teach the students. He says he has learned a lot from them too. Sometimes he helps them with trivial things because he can imagine that working and living in a foreign country is hard and he wants to be of assistance. Mr. Gao likes reading books, talking with friends and watching movies, especially American movies.

Recruitment Officer/Cover Supervisor: Racquel Accab-Sumeg-ang
Before coming to China, she has served as a recruitment officer for an agency in the Philippines sending qualified teachers to China. She joined her husband in Hefei in 2007 and acted as an HR for his school. She is a member of a homeschooling organization in the Philippines having homeschooled her son for three years. Racquel wears many hats at ZKIS. She is a laboratory technician, recruitment officer and cover supervisor. She is in charge of organising the Graduation Programme of the school and other events. She maintains the school’s Facebook Page and website.

Counselor and Music Assistant Teacher: Sarah Kang
Mrs. Kang is the Counselor for both the Korean and international schools, but she also assists her husband with the school orchestra. While in America, she worked with CFNI Dallas in Texas, where she was a children’s camp staff, and when they moved to North Carolia, she found a job as a piano teacher in one of the schools there. She enjoys teaching children, and she really likes working with the students here at Zhongshi. She has a very big family and they live together in a big apartment ? she and her husband, their three children, one nephew, two nieces, and the daughter of her friend. Her family enjoys riding bikes together and through their music, they bring joy to the Korean and Chinese communities in Weihai. She loves Zhongshi, and she believes that the school is adequately preparing the students to go “From China to the World”.