School Magazine (Z.I.P)

Z.I.P. – Zhongshi International Post

Editor-in-Chief: Sandra, Grade 11

Hello! It is my great honor to be writing as the editor-in-chef. My name is Youngju Seo and my English name is Sandra. I have been working for Zhongshi International Post magazine for almost 2 years and I would like to introduce the ZIP magazine; what we are doing and my personal hope for the ZIP magazine in the future.

We make two issues every semester with twelve enthusiastic members of ZIP. Their job is to collect articles and pictures from the students, design the page assigned their work, interview the people and the people involved and keep thinking how to improve ZIP. This wok sounds easy, but is actually difficult to both school work and magazine work side by side. However, the members are always faithful to their duties and to carry them out to the fullest. Moreover, we have two meeting every week when I check the work they did and if it is not good enough, they must of it again and again. So, when the new issue comes out we feel very excited and are deeply moved. Also ZIP magazine always tries to involve many students in different grades so that a lot of people would like to see our magazine and will be interested in it.

My personal hope for the future ZIP is to keep printing new issue and make the other school students want to read our magazine. To make my hope come true, I need help from you. We always welcome your suggestions and recommendations.