Community Service

As a school, it is our mission to send our students out into the world as servant leaders. It is vital that we show students what service to the community looks like and to give them opportunities to support those around them.

There are two many ways that the students can serve those around them. The first is in school and the second is out in the local Korean and Chinese communities.

1. Service in School

There are various ways that students can serve in school. These include…

(a) The Student Council 

Each Middle and High School grade has a student council representative. These students are expected to attend regular student council meetings and share the concerns of their classmates with the student president. The student president then communicates these concerns to the Vice Principal.

The student council representatives also buy and sell bread during the morning break. This is especially of benefit to those students who do not eat breakfast, although several of the staff benefit from this service as well.

The student council work with Mr. Kim to organise and run school events. The student council are particularly helpful during primary sports day and it is wonderful to see them supporting the teachers in managing the young people.

The student council will also be asked to organise the one day Folkloroma event at the end of next semester. This will give them valuable experience at organising major activities and working together as a team to achieve goals.

(b) Mentoring

Mentoring is a special service where high school students help primary students with their academic work in subjects, such as, Mathematics, English, and Science. The service is offered every Wednesday, lunch time, from 12:30 to 12:50, in third floor self study room.

Mentoring is voluntary work. If high school students sign up for this activity they receive service points. This is a great way for high school students to serve younger students and act as positive role models.

(c) Student Librarian

Jennifer Chu (Grade 12) has been the student librarian for over a year. She supports Mrs. Froese in her work and this semester has organised the painting of the library windows. She organises a team of other student librarians who assist students during break and lunchtimes.

(d) Drama

This semester saw out expanded primary presentation and a team of students let be Richard Chu (Grade 12) supported Mr. Russell in preparing the primary students for their performances. During the presentation they helped as stage hands and with ensuring that the students were in the right place at the right time.

(e) School Band

The school band led by Jake Park (Grade 12) plays every month. Jake chooses the music and works with his band to provide excellent performances.

(f) Serving Builders

The new school building has been being built since 2013 May. Due to the construction, there are many workers working on the school site.

ZKIS planned a special event for workers who are working on Saturday. The school provided lunch for the workers, and students volunteered to come to school and serve lunch for them.

As the workers and students are doing their work in the same place, it was a great chance to build relationships, and the school is trying to organise more activities similar to this.


2. Service Outside of School

Opportunities are also available for students to serve outside of school time…

(a) Nursing Home

Approximately once a month, the school organises two trips to local nursing homes. The primary school visits the local FengLin home and the Middle and High School head up to more rural Wendong area. The programme usually consists of a musical performance followed by the giving of gifts. After this the students massage the necks of the old people and talk to them. At special times of the year such as Christmas the students also write cards in Chinese to the residents. At the Christmas visit over 50 of our students volunteered to attend and the Primary Choir and High School Orchestra brought joy to the old people with their music.

(b) Ushering

High School students also get involved with local Korean Community events and are regularly called upon to help usher.


Our school is always looking for more opportunities to serve those both inside and outside of our school community. Staff and students are always welcome to propose and initiate new programmes and anyone looking to start a new scheme should contact either Mr. Bedford or Mr. Kim quickly.