Subject Teachers

English / Social Studies / Math / ICT

Mr. Darryl DeKock Mrs. Rochelle DeKock Ms. Minnie Taylor Mr. Jeremy Fast Mr. Kenneth Hadden Mr. Vikas Barnes
English ESL Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies / Math I.C.T
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Science / P.E. / Music / Art

Mr. Jupiter Inso Mr. Ben Wilson Mr. Luis Rodriguez Mr. Joe Kang Ms. Julianne Ahn
Science Science/P.E. Music/Band Music/ Orchestra Art
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Mrs. Cherry Zhang Mrs. Ruth Xia Mrs. Chloe Guo Mrs. Judy Wang Mrs. Annie Choi
Chinese Chinese Chinese Chinese Chinese
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Vikas Barnes: ICT Teacher
Mr. Barnes comes from central India and attended a Christian Missionary School where he majored in Math and Science. He also has two masters degrees. Master in Computer Management and Master of Technology in Information Technology. Teaching was a natural move for him since he was always involved in ministries with students and youth of his campus. He is likes programming and his areas of interest are Open Source Technologies and Search Engine Optimization. He is known for his programming skills and he is known as the best “C and C++ language tutor” in his town. In his fifteen years of teaching, he has taught students whose ages range from 14 to 20. He enjoys helping his students prepare for life beyond school and college. He also enjoys playing or watching cricket, spending time with his family and going for an evening stroll.

Jiho Kang: Music Teacher
Mr. Kang was born and raised in Daejeon, Korea and studied Materials Engineering at Chungnam National University. After graduating from CNU, he went on to study church music at the Korean Baptist Theological Seminary where he earned a Masters in Divinity in Church Music, with orchestral conducting as his major. In 2007, he went to the US with his family and during their stay in America, he studied worship music and finished a Doctor of Ministry coursework. For two years, he taught advanced band at Berean Baptist Academy, a private school in North Carolina. He also served a local Korean church in Fayetteville, North Carolina for five years. He likes baseball, road biking, and roasting coffee. He has a beautiful wife like a fruitful vine and three kids like olive plants.

Ruth Xia (): Chinese Teacher
Ruth Xia graduated from Hulunbeir College and Inner Mongolia University. In 1997, she started working at an academy as a Mandarin Chinese teacher. She worked there for four years before she went to teach at a local high school. Mrs. Xia moved to Weihai in 2005 and started teaching at Zhongshi that same year. She has been teaching here ever since. She enjoys being a teacher because it gives her an opportunity to develop and mold the minds of her students and develop her character at the same time. She likes reading, watching movies, travelling and online shopping. She lives with her engineer husband and 4-year old son.

Chloe Guo (郭晶): Chinese Teacher
Mrs. Guo is a graduate of Mudanjiang Normal University. During her college years, she was very keen on studying Chinese literature and culture. When she graduated in 2007, she came to Weihai and worked as an HSK tutor at Longmen Academy for three years, where she gained experience in teaching HSK speaking, grammar, and writing. She joined ZKIS in 2009, and she really enjoys working here with all the bobeis. She pours all her passion into teaching them! Mrs. Guo likes drawing, watching movies and traveling. She hopes all the students can improve their Chinese, and go “From China to the World.”

Judy Wang: Chinese Teacher
Judy Wang graduated from Harbin Institute of Information Technology, with English as her major. She taught for two years at her college right after graduation, and then she joined the Foreign Language Institute where she taught English to school’s foreign teachers. In 2008, she joined the Chinese teaching staff of the Korean school where she taught Chinese to beginner learners in both the primary and upper school. This is her first year of teaching at the international school. She loves learning, so she always strives to improve her teaching skills and knowledge, so she took an Advanced ICLTA certificate course. She is passionate about her work and her students.

Annie Choi: Chinese Teacher
Annie Choi comes from Harbin. She graduated from East China Normal University in Shanghai?one of the best normal universities in China. She has a teaching license and BA in Chinese Culture and Literature. She used to work as an intern at No.1 affiliated high school of ECNU and Shanghai Pinghe Bilingual School International Department. She met her husband in Shanghai and got married in Los Angeles this summer of 2014. Mrs.Choi enjoys reading, playing with kids and travelling; now she is learning golf. Mr.&Mrs. Choi joined ZKIS this year, and she hopes she can teach the students not only language and culture, but also how to love and respect as well. “So now faith, hope and love abide; but the greatest of these is love.