Table Tennis

ISQ Ping Pong 1

The ZKIS upper schol table tennis team recently performed extremely well at the ISQ table tennis competition in Qingdao, winning all of the events they entered. The Boys ‘A’ team, consisting of Daniel Lee (G10), Elmer Dominguez (G10) and Eric Kim (G9b) won the overall team competition with a very strong performance.

Daniel and Elmer also won the Boys Doubles event, beating a strong team from Qingdao in the final, and Daniel won the Boys Singles competition in a nail-biting final against a very capable player from Qingdao. The Boys ‘B’ team also played well, finishing above every other ‘B’ team in the overall standings. Mr Cauldwell, the team coach, was extremely impressed by the boys’ standard of play, their positive attitude and the extremely good sportsmanship they showed to other players and umpires.ISQ Ping Pong 2

The team’s success was largely thanks to the practice they put in lunch times and at the weekend. We look forward to further success in future competitions, and we welcome new players to join our practice sessions in the auditorium at lunch time on Tuesday and Thursday each week.