Science Fair


Intel ISEF 2014 in Los Angeles, USA: A Remarkable Experience for Us 

(Sandra, Bella & Elmer)

After garnering 5 awards during the Sichuan Science Fair, Sandra, Bella and myself got qualified as Intel ISEF 2014 Finalist and had the opportunity to attend the Intel ISEF Grand Finals in Los Angeles on May 11 – 17, 2014.

We came back from the US loaded with interesting stories and fun memories. Attending the Intel Science Fair was an amazing experience. Meeting many other students and some famous people and befriending them is already a huge achievement for us, knowing that these people came from all over the world. With all the fascinating activities we did and the tough challenges we had to overcome during the judging events, we consider ourselves to have been academically and socially enriched.

Also, going to America was one of my lifetime goals and I’m happy that I reached the goal at such a young age. Eating different kinds of burgers, sleeping in a very comfortable bed, meeting very nice and friendly people and communicating in English for the whole time were some of the things I really liked about my stay in the US  –  Elmer


Zhongshi’s 2nd Science Fair