Mission, Philosophy, Vision And Core Values


The mission of ZKIS is to develop committed, compassionate, and educated young servant leaders to go, “from China to the World.” Through quality education and character development, we equip students with the necessary skills and principles to make positive contributions to the world at large.


We believe that all students are blessed with unique gifts and talents and are able to make a positive contribution to their communities around them. It is our responsibility to not only make students aware of their potential, but to guide them in how to reach it. We recognize the vital role that parents play in the upbringing of their child and work in partnership to provide our young people with the opportunities they need.

We believe that all young people should learn to work both independently and collaboratively towards clear goals and ideals. We believe that all students should seek to put others first, whilst simultaneously demonstrating care and concern for themselves and stewardship of their environment. We believe that students should develop an understanding of what it means to be a global citizen and value people of all races, cultures and creeds. We encourage students to not only succeed academically, but also to actively pursue other interests with joy and determination.

Graduates of our school will be self-motivated, driven and focused with a clear idea of how they can use their gifts and talents to serve others. They will have a wealth of skills, particularly linguistic, in order to excel at both university and in their future career. They will understand the importance of strong relationships and will continually strive to maintain close bonds with their friends and family.


  • ZKIS students will be independent learners equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to enter appropriate universities and careers of their choosing
  • ZKIS students will have a clear understanding of the skills and gifts that they possess and will know how they can use these to serve others in the future
  • ZKIS students will respect and honour all people regardless of their race, culture and creed
  • ZKIS students will demonstrate a high level of  linguistic competence in both English and Mandarin Chinese
  • ZKIS students will know how to live a balanced life. They will not only work hard but enjoy a range of activities whilst also maintaining strong relationships with their friends and family
  • ZKIS students will be able to defend their own worldview and will model and promote good moral character informed by well understood truth-based principles
  • ZKIS students will live healthy and active lives. They will know the importance of a good diet and will refrain from dangerous habits such as smoking and drinking



Holistic Education

We value an education that doesn’t just focus on academics. We want our students to develop a range of gifts and talents, to experience success in a multitude of different pursuits and to learn how to interact positively with everyone they meet.

Zhongshi Students:

• Participate in a range of different activities
• Learn in every environment
• Engage wholeheartedly in everything they do
• Make the most of opportunities


We value the ability of an individual to express themselves articulately, confidently and clearly.  We recognise the importance of communication in the modern world and desire our students to possess the linguistic capacity to express needs, opinions and ideas in multiple languages. We want them to communicate with tact, empathy and clarity with an acute awareness of their audience.

Zhongshi Students:

• Write and speak with confidence in English and Chinese
• Clearly articulate and defend their beliefs
• Always tell the truth
• Communicate with tact, empathy and clarity


We value the fundamental role that respect plays in any society. We want our students to show empathy and concern towards all people and to actively engage in activities that serve others.Students should appreciate and show genuine interest in the cultures of others and respect individual differences. As stewards of the earth students must also respect the environment they are in.

Zhongshi Students:

• Respect everyone
• Care for others and the environment
• Apologize when they make mistakes and make amends
• Serve others


We value wisdom and its necessity in good decision making. Students need to learn more than facts. They need to learn how to use knowledge to help and guide the community they are in. They should confidently defend their own world view at any opportunity and be a source of good council. Students should also show wisdom in words, deeds and the desire to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Zhongshi Students:

• Make good choices
• Can solve problems rationally and creatively
• Develop a range of academic skills
• Maintain a healthy lifestyle


We value the ability of students to take responsibility for their actions, particularly their learning and attitude towards others. Responsible students are able to reflect on their own abilities, to recognise the need for self-improvement and to take the necessary steps for self-improvement. Responsible students are able to manage their time effectively to meet their predetermined goals.

Zhongshi Students:

• Know their strengths and work hard to address their weaknesses
• Are prepared and reliable
• Use their gifts for the benefit of others
• Help those in need; locally and globally