The Mathematics curriculum at Zhongshi follows the guidelines set by the national education ministry of the United Kingdom, which consists of 5 Key 1 (12)

Key Stage 1 for Grades 1 & 2 
Students learn to count, read, write and order numbers to 100 and beyond. They develop a range of mental calculation skills and use these confidently in different settings. They learn shapes and space through practical activities which builds on their immediate environment. Students begin to grasp mathematical language, using it to talk about their methods and explain their reasoning when solving problems.

Key Stage 2 for Grades 3, 4, and 5
Pupils should use the number system more confidently. They move from counting reliably to calculating fluently with all four number operations. They always try to tackle a problem with mental methods before using any other approach. Pupils explore features of shape and space and develop their measuring skills in a range of contexts. They discuss and present their methods and reasoning using a wide range of mathematical language.

Key Stage 3 for Grades 6, 7 and 8

In this stage, students will calculate the perimeter and area of various geometric figures as well as the surface area and volume of 3 dimensional objects. They will be introduced to ratios, rates and proportions and how it is related to real life situations. They will also be introduced to coordinate geometry and find out the gradient and equation of any linear function. Pupils will also be introduced to statistics and how to graph various sets of data.

With this knowledge of algebra, geometry and statistics, pupil will be able to appreciate the great work of creation that the Almighty has accomplished. How precisely the things are made,  how beautifully synchronized objects are when they are moving.  The entire universe is glorifying our Creator because of this mathematically well organised order of things in it.

Key Stage 4 for Grades 9 and 10
Students will be introduced to quadratic functions and how to graph and solve quadratic equations through various means. They will learn geometric properties of circles and well as the properties of congruent and similar triangles. Other major areas of instruction include kinematics, matrices, trigonometry, vectors, and probability. In each topic, students will be challenged with practical applications and problem solving questions.
At Zhongshi, all students will have a Math class every day, with some kind of evaluation every week. At the end of Grade 10, students will be ready to write the I.G.C.S.E. examination which is administered from the U.K. but written locally here at Zhongshi.

Key Stage 5 (Advanced) for Grades 11 and 12

Students wishing to attend an international university or college can take AS level and A level Mathematics. Zhongshi offers Mechanics, Pure Mathematics and a Statistics course. Students would then write a Cambridge University administered exam in the spring to obtain their credit. By 2016, ZKIS shall start offering A2 Math courses like Pure Maths 3 and either Mechanics 2 or Statistics 2 depending on students’ choices.

These courses allow pupil to see Creator’s design at a new level, revealing the care He took with each aspect of His creation. The way He (the Almighty Creator)  holds everything together according to fixed laws demonstrates that He is a covenant-keeping Father. His consistency in keeping one plus one equaling to two serves as a continual testimony to us of His loyalty, faithfulness, and loving kindness.