Leadership Team

Mr. David Bedford Mrs. Lucia Dominguez Mr. Tobin Holden
Principal Assistant Principal Assistant Principal
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Mrs. Xochitl Tobias Mrs. Rachel Bedford Mr. Arsenio Sumeg-ang Ms. Heidi Riegel
Head of Primary Head of High School Head of Teaching and Learning Special Need Education Co-ordinator
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Principal: David Bedford
Mr. Bedford was born in Manchester, England. After graduating with a degree in Experimental Psychology from the University of Oxford (Pembroke College) he trained as a Science teacher through the Teach First programme. Whilst working in Birmingham he completed a Masters in Education and Leadership with a research focus on rewards and motivation. He is also TEFL and TESOL certified. He came to Weihai in August 2011 to teach Biology and Chemistry and in July 2012 he was made the Principal of ZKIS. In August, 2013 he was joined by Rachel Drake and in July, 2014 they were married in sunny England. As well as his teaching and administrative duties, Mr. Bedford supports in the new school dormitory. Mr. Bedford enjoys a wide variety of activities outside of his work including cycling, badminton, travelling and playing the piano. He is honoured to serve the Zhongshi community.

Assistant Principal for Academics: Lucia Dominguez (Grade 10 Advisor)
Mrs. Lucia Dominguez graduated Master of Education at De La Salle University with Physics Education as her major. She finished Bachelor of Secondary Education with Mathematics and Science as her major and minor, respectively. She holds a TESOL certificate and Certificate of units in Masters of Arts in Applied Statistics. She has taught Physics and Research in the Philippines for eight years and has taught English, Math, Science and Physics in China for seven years. She was a Master Trainer of the Intel Teach to the Future Program and was awarded one of the First Philippines Innovative Teachers Leadership Awards. As a well-trained educator, she has served as a teacher trainer, Physics lesson plan writer, and Science Fair coordinator. As a mother of two children, both studying at ZKIS, she believes that ZKIS both provides the best environment and great opportunities, necessary for her children’s holistic development.

Assistant Principal for Student Affairs : Tobin Holden
This is Mr. Holden’s second year at ZKIS and he is grateful for the opportunity to serve the Zhongshi community. Mr. Holden teaches Middle School Mathematics and coaches wrestling. Mr. Holden has taught mathematics and coached in the United States as well as Thailand. Mr. Holden holds a Master’s degree in Education and is currently pursuing a doctorate in educational administration at Concordia University, Portland with his wife, Diana. He enjoys spending his free time with his wife and two daughters, Dee and Zoe.

Head of Primary: Xochitl Tobias (Grade 5 Advisor)
Mrs. Tobias has been working as an English teacher since 1994. She has a degree in Education and she is an IBO certified teacher. She has worked in an international school for 13 years. She has taught Language Arts, Science, Math, and Social Studies. Besides her teaching experience, she has worked as a Science Lab attendant and advisor of the United Nations group. She was promoted to Head of Primary in June 2013 and alongside her committed team has helped restructure our Primary School, significantly improving the education programme for our youngest students.

Head of High School: Rachel Bedford (Grade 12 Advisor)
Rachel Bedford came to ZKIS in August 2013.?She is the dormitory manager as well as Grade 11 advisor and an upper school English teacher.?She is from the UK and studied Modern Languages (French and German) at Oxford University. As part of her course she spent a year teaching English in Hamburg, Germany. After graduating she spent another year working with young people in Hamburg before training as a French and German teacher through the TeachFirst program in the North East of England. As part of her training she completed a Masters in Educational Leadership with the University of Warwick. She also holds a TESOL certificate. She is married to Mr. Bedford since July 2014 and they really enjoy being part of the Zhongshi community. She is excited to see how ZKIS develops in the future.

Head of Teaching and Learning : Arsenio Sumeg-ang (Grade 8A Advisor)
Mr. Sumeg-ang graduated with a degree in Agriculture, major in Agricultural Extension at the University of the Philippines ? Los Banos . He is a member of Gamma Sigma Delta (UPLB Chapter), an international honor society recognizing excellence in agriculture and related sciences. ?He has been teaching English for over 10 years. He has taught for two years in the Philippines and served as a regional and national trainer for school paper advisors. He has also done research for an organization of schools in the Philippines and wrote and published a book on the ethnography of the major ethnolinguistic groups in the Cordillera, Philippines before coming to China in 2003. He has worked as an Academic Advisor at a language school in Hefei City, China prior to joining the teaching staff of ZKIS. He is currently taking a diploma course in language and literacy leading to MA in Language and Literacy Education.

Special Need Education Co-ordinator: Heidi Riegel (Grade 3 Advisor)
Heidi Riegel is Canadian, but she grew up all over the world, spending almost as many years out of Canada as in it. She spent many of her childhood years in India when her parents were teachers there. She had also spent some time in the United States and Italy. She had been teaching for four years in Canada. Most of her teaching experience is in Elementary but she had also taught Grade 7 and Junior High science. In her teaching career she had also the privilege to teach English in Japan for two years to students ages 5 through 15.? She has two degrees from the University of Alberta. The first of these degrees is in History and Classics, and while this will always be something she enjoys, she felt that this was not the career for her. So after graduating from this program in 2005, she took a second degree in Elementary Education.Her family is quite small. Both of her parents are teachers by trade. Her father is currently teaching at High School in a small town in Central Alberta. Her mother has recently retired. She has a younger sister who has just finished her PhD in chemistry at the University of Calgary.She has a range of interest from science to history and reading. She particularly likes children’s literature and she is always happy to discuss good books. She is excited about what is going to happen this year in the classroom and in the school. She looks forward to working with other staff and learning ?together.