President’s address

moody lee“The quality of life is subject to the attitude of life.”

First, I want to say. “Thank You.” Sometimes people ask me. “Why is your school named Zhongshi? “Zhongshi”(中世)means “From China to the World”. It was chosen 12 years ago when Zhongshi Language Institute was founded, because our aim is to prepare students through language acquisition, to go far and wide. We offer an excellent language learning program that brings benefit to both the students and to our local area. Since August 2006, Zhongshi International School has been accredited by the China Educational Department. We say ‘thank you’ to all parents, students, local people, and the Chinese authorities who support our school.

In order to make us the best international school in China, we have 4 principles…

1) We hire quality, experienced and knowledgeable teachers. We consider the teachers’ character and enthusiasm more important than just university degrees.

2) We ensure small class-sizes. Education is a positive interaction between teachers and students.

3) We give priority to academic areas. Weekdays (Monday to Friday) students are expected to study hard and commit to their academic pursuits.

4) Parents are an important part of the educational team. The primary responsibility for supporting and encouraging students’ education rests upon parents. The school assists families in helping to develop their child’s self-worth and positive identities as human beings.

We will work hard to make our school the best in China; not best for size and numbers, but best for quality education. Best because every teacher and faculty of our school has the same vision, plan, and enthusiasm for creating the best school. One of our mottoes, “the quality of life is subject to the attitude of life.” is our guide for educating students to become dynamic individuals of truth and excellence who effectively contribute to society.

Moody Lee
President of Zhongshi Korean International School