How to apply

Application Procedures for ZKIS

  1. Obtain an Application Form, Registration Form and a Character Recommendation Form and the Parent/Student Handbook from the school

All these forms and documents are also available and can be downloaded at  ZKIS website (www.wkis.orgor at ).

Before fully completing the forms, parents should read and understand all the information in the ZKIS Parent/Student Handbook.

Note: Both parents and students will be required to sign the Statement of Parents/Students Commitment page of the Parent/Student Handbook, and this will be submitted together with the required documents upon enrollment.

For a student applying to Grades 6- 11, the Character Recommendation Form needs to be sent to a previous teacher or a school authority who will fill the form and return to the student, sealed and with an affixed signature across the envelope’s seal.

2. Return all the accomplished forms to the International administration office at the fourth floor with the following:

  • Photocopy of Student’s Report Card / Transcript of Records from Previous School
  • Photocopy of student’s Passport
  • Photocopy of Guardian/ Parent’s Passport
  • Character Recommendation Form or Certification of at least Satisfactory conduct from the head of the school, or class advisor of which the student last attended         (for Grades 6 -11 only)
  • 2 copies of 2 x 2 I.D. pictures
  • A Photocopy of the official medical report, urine test and blood test, a declaration of any infectious diseases and any  Immunization Records –  together with the ZKIS Medication Waiver Form (see Appendix E)
  • Statement of Commitment Page of the Parent/Student Handbook (signed by both student and parent)

3. Take the Admission Test/ Placement, and Interview   on either of the following dates: The dates include the date following the last day of the Final Exam and the First Day of the Teacher’s Orientation Day in the School Calendar

To ensure that students are placed in the appropriate English set, they will take the Oxford English Placement Test and have an interview with a member of the English department. Further information about the OEPT can be found at

The resulting data should, in most cases, be sufficient to place the student in a set. If further data is required, or in the case of any disagreement, the student will be asked to write a short essay that will be graded by a member of the English department using relevant level descriptors.

For students in lower primary school, the OEPT may not be appropriate. In such cases, students will be placed into a set after an interview with a member of the English department.

4.   After the test and interview, the International School Director of Administration will notify the parents of the results, within 5 days.  The decision of the Vice-principal on the set or level of the student as a result of the evaluation for placement and interview is final.

5. Pay the following fees: Admission Fee, Tuition Fee, and Other Fees (i.e. Bus, Lunch, School Uniform, and Textbooks etc.)

6. Once all fees have been paid and all documents are completed, the student is considered to be officially enrolled at ZKIS.

7.  Both the student and the parent are required to attend the New Students and Parents Orientation on the orientation dates.



Parent / Student Handbook

Admission Forms