This is a collection of records and stats on the history of the ZhongShi Korean International High School football team. The start of the team came about during the early months of 2012, although our ZKIS students have been interested in football for several years. Nobody had officially made a team before. Mr. Worsley(G11 advisor, Coach) and I, James(G11, Captain), reported that a team would be created in 2011-2012, and we have made superb efforts so far.

We ZKIS football team members have played several times against other local schools. Initially we did not have proper kits, but we still won a lot of games despite this.  Matthew(G11, Vice Captain) and I submitted designs for a uniform and lists of members.

ZKIS football team is made up of both International School and Korean School members.

We played together and represented the school to show that “Sportsmanship comes first.” Mr. Worsley (G11 advisor, Coach) organized events with other international schools to increase our experience and used his talented aggressive football skills to teach us. We participated in Qingdao International School’s football league by invitation. ZKIS played well and was placed 5th out if 12 teams.

This result spread to, and we received more invitations from, other schools. Today, we have not only a high school football team, but also a girls team, two middle school teams (1st and 2nd division) and two high school teams (1st and 2nd division).  All ZKIS pupils and teachers are proud of our team’s accomplishments.

Thank you Mr. Worsley(G11 advisor, Coach) and Mr. Lee(Principal).

“Football does not just exist for star players; it’s for everyone!”

Written by James (Team Captain) – Grade 11